Learn To Roller Skate

Learn to Roller Skate 4 Week Challenge

Roller Skating is everywhere right now. You’ll see it in movies, advertisements, music, and clothing. Dancing to the beat of the music is fun you can feel.

Sky-Vue Skateland offers a four-week class for beginner skaters. You’ll begin with the basics of how to keep your balance, how to move your feet, and how to get up from a fall. Next, you’ll focus on maintaining your speed along with learning to coast and maintaining your balance.

Skaters are introduced to the scissor method of skating. We’ll work on squatting down and learning how to play limbo. Learning to use the toe stop and crossing over around the corners are taught as well.

Skating weekly will build skill and self-confidence in skating. The continuity of skating weekly is the real teacher. Practicing your skills each week will improve your balance and encourage you to try other skills.


It doesn’t take long to become a very good roller skater.

Learn to roller skate classes at Sky-Vue Skateland
Skaters learning to roller skate at Sky-Vue Skateland

Learn to Roller Skate 4-Week Challenge Details:


Lessons begin the first Saturday of the month.


You’ll need to register and prepay before the first Saturday of the month to reserve your spot.

The Learn to Roller Skate 4 Week Challenge starts the first Saturday of the month and runs for the following 3 weeks.

The cost is $85.00, which covers the lesson, skate rental, skate mate, and skating the session after the lesson.

You’ll arrive at 12:45 pm for fitting your skates and warming up.
Lessons are taught until 1:25pm and you’ll stay to skate the session, 1:30-3:30pm.