STEM Field Trips 

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

We offer an educational field trips at Sky-Vue Skateland that immerses students in STEM. 

The STEM concepts are related to roller skating, where students will learn that STEM is all around them and not just a concept found in science labs.

The students participate in an hour lesson, including hands-on STEM activities taught by a dynamic STEM educator.

After the lesson, the students will participate in two hours of roller skating. We offer a basic learn-to-skate lesson prior to putting on their skates. Students may choose from traditional quad skates as well as inline skates. Skate mates are available for students who may require a little extra help with balance.

Students may participate in skating games that will reinforce skating skills. You may bring your own lunch or purchase a package with lunch included.

Many students tell us this field trip is their favorite and lots of fun. This private event is available for groups with at least 50 students.

STEM field trip at Sky-Vue Skateland. Skaters are learning Newton Law of Motion.

Book a STEM field trip for students of any age.

Sky-Vue Skateland has a variety of lesson plans tailored to different principles and age groups that teach kids about:

  • The science of roller skating (friction, geometry, area, and perimeter)
  • Motion and rink design (force/friction, diameter/circumference)
  • Music, math, and skating (beats per minute, frequency, and speed)
  • Acoustics and rink design (sound system design, frequency, path of sound)
  • Engineering magic and lighting (types of light, lighting design)
  • Physical fitness (1 hour of STEM education and 2 hours of fitness through roller-skating!)

Transform the way your students see STEM.

Get kids engaged and excited about science, technology, engineering, and math with a STEM field trip at Sky-Vue Skateland.

For inquiries regarding school trips or to book, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Video: Cassandra Whitehead, a teacher at Sally B Howard School of Arts & Science shares her experience of bringing fifth graders on a STEM school trip to Sky-Vue Skateland.