Sky-Vue Skateland is celebrating the completion of the 2022/2023 school year, marked by a highly successful year of roller skating STEM field trips for students in eastern North Carolina.

The Roller Skating STEM program engaged over 2,000 students from 26 schools, offering a unique and captivating learning experience in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. By combining roller skating with hands-on STEM activities, the program fostered curiosity, critical thinking, and teamwork among students, helping them develop essential skills for their future academic and professional endeavors. Students had the opportunity to explore concepts of motion, energy, friction, and physics while learning to skate.

The Sky-Vue Skateland STEM program received positive feedback from educators and administrators, with many students reporting it as their best field trip ever! The success of the program has led to requests for its expansion to more schools and communities in the future. Sky-Vue Skateland expresses gratitude to the schools, educators, students, and staff involved in making the roller skating STEM field trips a resounding success. For more information, please visit our STEM FIELD TRIP web page or call Denise Watkins at 252-442-7418.

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