I returned to Sky-Vue Skateland in the summer of 1983 as operations manager. Our Father, Vernon Holder, had served in that position since opening the doors in 1958. Over the years he taught many people of all ages how to roller skate. Working by his side I learned the tips and techniques for teaching people how to skate.

From my own personal 38 years of teaching people how to roller skate, I can accurately diagnose the hindrance preventing a skater from skating. By simply observing the skater’s movement, I can offer suggestions to shorten the learning curve.

The Number 1 Mistake Parents Make While Teaching Their Children to Skate

The #1 mistake parents make teaching their children how to skate is failing to let them learn how to balance on roller skates. Their intention is to help the child avoid falling. In other words, they hold their child much like a tow truck, rolling them around the rink. This good intention only delays the process of learning to skate. The parent is actually preventing the child from balancing their own weight on the skates.

Learn How to Help Your Child To Skate

Our afternoon skating sessions are ideal for young and beginning skaters. During this session, we attempt to assist beginner skaters with learning their balance and how to move their feet. If parents are helping their children skate, we instruct the parents about balancing on skates so they can reinforce the proper skill while helping their child.

Many times I illustrate to the parents how the child will transfer their weight by putting my hand on the parent’s arm and lean on to them. They can feel I am using them to balance on my skates. In this situation the child is not balancing on their skates. Again the process delays the child in learning to balance on their skates. This same principle may occur when a child uses the hand rail around the skating surface.

How to Balance on Roller Skates

You are balanced on roller skates when your body weight is evenly distributed on your skates. This means there is equal weight distributed on the front and back wheels of the skate. To achieve this balance you must stand on your skates with your body in a straight line. Your shoulders should be straight and in line over your hips and straight and in line over the ankles. While standing straight up your body weight will be naturally balanced on your skates.

The Problem that Hinders Achieving Balance

The problem beginners have with keeping their balance on skates is they look down at their feet. When a skater looks down at the feet they lean slightly forward which transfers more body weight to the front trucks of the skate. Next comes the flailing arms to attempt to straighten their back so they can regain their balance on skates. The solution to this problem is to keep the chin up and watch where you’re skating. This requires a conscious effort to focus on how to keep the back straight so you are balanced on your skates.

Let Sky-Vue Skateland Help You Learn to Roller Skate

For the summer of 2021, we are offering The Best Summer Ever admission pass. You may purchase this pass online for $20.

The owner of the pass is entitled to skate every Thursday afternoon, 1:30-3:30 pm. There is an additional skate rental charge of $4 if you do not have your own skates.

If you are interested in purchasing your own pair of skates, we can assist you with that decision. We offer some popular choices of quad and inline roller skates, in our inventory.

Skating each Thursday afternoon will reinforce the skating skills and build confidence in skating. I often say my job is to assist the skater to gain their confidence because once they are confident on skates they will soar in learning additional skating skills.

Limbo Time at Best Summer Ever afternoon skating session at Sky-Vue Skateland in Rocky Mount, NC.

Come skate with us this summer and teach your child how to roller skate. Mrs. Denise and other skate coaches will be available to assist beginner skaters. They will have fun and meet new friends. We are striving to make this The Best Summer Ever for our skaters at Sky-Vue Skateland in Rocky Mount, NC. See you on Thursday!